Doors: 20:00

Start: 21:00

Presale: € 8,-

Box: € 12,-

Student € 6,-

Hidden trails

Hidden Trails is a Belgian rock group formed by the rhythm section of the late and great Hypnos 69 who teamed up with singer and guitarist Jo Neyskens. Debut album Instant Momentary Bliss, with guest Steven Marx on sax, has recently been released on Elektrohasch records. Picking up the loose ends Hypnos 69 left, Hidden Trails made a well balanced psychedelic rock album full of jazzy drums, thick and clean bass lines, mellow singing and dreamy guitar riffs.

Bold Sun

BOLD SUN – Rough&Minimal Stoner-Garage/Rock-Duo (Aachen, Germany). With “there is a bass missing”, so far only one guild has complained – the bass players. Because it did not bother anyone else and we still can produce enough sound pressure with just the two of us, we will continue uncompromisingly the way we started – as a Two-Piece. Besides the beating Drums and a humming Guitar, you get the vocals for free on top and all that is wrapped as a solid mix of various rock elements. Not always round, here and there a little angular, but above all nicely raw.

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