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Decoded Feedback, the ever-evolving duo comprised of Marco Biagiotti and Yone Dudas, burst onto the industrial scene in the mid-nineties. This creative team brought together all the elements and contrasts that exist between the sexes, and at the same time using their diverse backgrounds, European and Canadian, to successfully create their own unique sound. In the beginning, their goal was to combine the spirit of punk with the cold perfection of electronic music, but as time went on, their sound developed more into the dark electro-industrial sound they embrace today. Their aggressive blend of dark melodies and harsh bass lines has proven to be a powerful combination. After releasing numerous critically acclaimed albums such as Bio-Vital (1998), Shockwave (2003), Aftermath (2010), and hit songs Bio-Vital (1998), Phoenix (2003), Silent Killer (2010), and Another Loss (2012), they have earned the respect of the industrial community and garnished many more fans worldwide. Marco and Yone have also had tremendous success on the stage and played many major festivals in Europe, North and South America, and Russia. With a deep catalogue of 9 albums, 2 singles and 2 EPs, a live show refined from years of performance and enthusiasm, the future is looking very bright. Their most recent highly anticipated releases Waiting for the Storm (single 2016) and Dark Passenger (album 2016) both hit the German Alternative Charts (DAC) and the German Electronic Web Charts (GEWC) at #1. With an upcoming appearance at the prestigious Wave Gotik Treffen festival in Germany followed by a full-length European tour in the fall, 2017 is poised to become Decoded Feedback’s most successful year-to-date.
ROOT4 – the unique sound is a blend of electro and parts of EBM.
The aggressive, “in-yer-face” stage presence makes ROOT4 one of the most striking acts of the electro scene. Live drumming is part of the program, and ROOT4 does not hesitate to experiment effectively with instruments that are rather unusual for this genre, overwhelming audiences with innovative sounds and tough-as-nails beats.
The band’s performance, the expressive vocals and the versatile synthie-sounds make for an intense and captivating experience, and the songs have a way of etching their way deep into the listener’s mind.
JESUS COMPLEX is the electro-industrial project of Reverend Fries. Originally from San Francisco, he moved to Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1998 for some strange reason he can no longer recall. JESUS COMPLEX is heavy, dark, haunting, angry, vindictive electronic music. Inspired by horror, heartbreak, death, despair and revenge, the first album, “I WOKE UP DEAD”, is a collection of 10 sinister anthems for dark, moody, pessimistic souls, a toxic blend of heavy dancefloor darkness, distorted, tortured vocals and haunting, gothic atmospheres. The album was released in 2003 on Pandaimonium Records in Europe. In May 2003, after 2 weeks as a “bullet”, the album entered the DAC Deutsches Alternative Charts and remained for several weeks. The band played numerous shows in Europe with Ronny from Clan of Xymox assisting on keyboards and guest vocals. In addition to the album, JESUS COMPLEX has done remixes for CLAN OF XYMOX (Farewell, Liberty), XOTOX, PUNTO OMEGA and FORGOTTEN SUNRISE. The long overdue follow-up album, “GREETINGS FROM THE DEAD” was released in April 2007, distributed worldwide by Nova Media.

In 2011, JESUS COMPLEX joined Brazilian band Pecadores (“Sinners”) for a mini-tour of Germany, playing as Guitar Priest for their shows in Berlin, Hannover and Hamburg. In 2016, JESUS COMPLEX finally returned to the stage again in Lima, Peru performing with Pecadores again, and doing guest vocals with Decoded Feedback. The return to stage and fantastic response has inspired JC to perform live again, and The Rev is working on a 3rd album, “Live A Little Die A Little”…

Decoded Feedback


Hut unieke geluid is een mix van elektro en onderdelen van EBM.
De agressieve ‘in-yer-face’ -aanwezigheid maakt ROOT4 een van de meest opvallende handelingen van de elektroscène. Live drumming maakt deel uit van het programma, en ROOT4 aarzelt niet om effectief te experimenteren met instrumenten die vrijwel ongewoon zijn voor dit genre.

De performance van de band, de expressieve zang en de veelzijdige synthiegeluiden zorgen voor een intense en boeiende ervaring, en de liedjes hebben een manier om hun weg diep in de luisteraar’s geest te etsen.

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