Doors: 19:30

Start: 20:00

Presale: € 11,-

Box: € 12,-

Hardcore tegen kanker.

Op 8 december wordt er in Landgraaf een kankerbenefietconcert georganiseerd met de naam “Lionhearted”. Het optreden zal plaatsvinden in de Oefenbunker met o.a. optredens van Nederlandse hardcore-veteranen No Turning Back.

Het is de tweede editie van dit initiatief, na een eerste succesvolle editie in 2014. De naam van het evenement verwijst naar het gelijknamige lied van New York hardcore band Subzero, wiens zanger (Lou Di Bella) tweemalig kanker overwon en dit nummer schreef over zijn overlevingsstrijd. Alle opbrengsten zullen integraal bijdragen aan de financiële ondersteuning van enkele door kanker getroffen mensen uit de internationale hardcore community.

No Turning Back

Hardcore lives. These words may cause discussion amongst many, but No Turning Back lives and breathes this message. For over twenty years they have proven that through sheer perseverance, hard work, dedication and believing in your hopes and dreams… You can achieve anything.
Touring across the globe since starting out in 1997, one of Europe’s finest hardcore bands No Turning Back gives the term DIY a whole new dimension. Releasing over eight renown hardcore records all over the world on countless labels for the last twenty years, the band is a household name in today’s world wide hardcore scene with their blend of the old school NYHC groove, fast breaks and massive sing a longs anthems.

Redemption Denied (B/NL)

Pissed off by the daily struggle and expectations of modern society, Redemption Denied sets out to bring straight-forward hardcore inspired by bands like No Warning, early Hatebreed and Death Threat.

Absolve (B/NL)

Hardcore 5-piece from Belgium/ the Netherlands. Absolve sets out to bring a hard hitting mix of hardcore driven by personal conflict. Expect genuine urgency translating into a sound that spans between acts like Death Threat and No Innocent Victim.

Escape (BE)

Belgian youngsters Escape recently released their debut album on MMW records. Nothing But Filth is filled with agression and hardcore metal mosh riffs. Kickback, Congress and Knuckledust style.

Crooked Morality (NL)

Crooked Morality is a 4-piece hardcore band since summer 2017 from the 045 region. Merciless hardcore with influences of old school hardcore / new york hardcore / 90’s metalcore / beatdown and still respecting the roots.

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