Doors: 19:00

Start: 20:00

Presale: € 100,-

We announce the Rituals over Limburg. Two days of pure sonic Alchemy and Magick featuring the Who is Who of contemporary Ritual Industrial. From pioneers and top acts to the most hidden of gems – all will unleash their mighty Force on this weekend. Expect chthonic Vibrations and Union with clear Light.

Upcoming events

vrijdag 15 december 2023

La Ultima (DE)

zaterdag 16 december 2023

Jubileum Afsluiting FT.: Dj Pat + D’r Lei va Kaalhei

zaterdag 27 januari 2024

Point Break + AMMO + Bronson Superfortress

zaterdag 24 februari 2024

Distant + For I Am King | Hard In Heerlen |

zaterdag 6 april 2024


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