Desert Storm (UK) + Aetrox

Metallica Warming Up Party FT.: DAMAGED JUSTICE


Pothamus (BE) (Wordt verplaatst!)

Tygers of Pan Tang (UK) + Kingcrown (FR)

R2R livestream

Maiden UniteD (Wordt verplaatst)

Pene Corrida + Wolfbox

Vicious Rumors (US)

W:O:A Metal Battle NL voorronde Limburg

Martyr & The Final March & Velozza

5th anniversary R2R fest

Subsignal (DE)

MetalBattle 2019

Knucklehead Dead Punch & 16 Dollars

Streekproduct Ft. Prospect + Voyages + Under False Names + Humayn + Crooked Morality

Avenging Benji (US) + ODIUM (D)

The Royal + 2 Years To Apocalypse + Under False Names

Joe`s Rocknight ft. The Job, Point Break, Indicolite, Essence of dawn

Stammheim (Rammstein tribute)

MetalBattle 2018

The Dutch Disciples (DIO tribute) & Wish by Night

Pestilence & Rebaelliun & Distillator

NightQueen + Support: Circle Unbroken

Vescera + support Dawn of Destiny

Double Crush Syndrome

Bunkerbeton #3 ft. Dool + Dood

MetalBattle Bandcontest

Treat (SE) + support Maverick & Charing Cross

SOTO and support acts Vanadine & Maryscreek

Helstar (US) + support

Happy New Year ft. Essence of Dawn & Beyond

System Pilot